Surviving the Berlin Salsa Congress

4 pairs of dance Shoes for a congress!

4 pairs of dance shoes for the Berlin Salsa Congress!

Berlin Salsa Congress 2013! What a great congress!!!! Top shows, wonderful workshops, great social dancing…  and THE YAMULEE (from the Booogie Down Bronx, NY) bootcamp! Wow! that was an amazing experience!!

I bought a new pair of Dance International Shoes (DSI) ADRIANA 3.5″/9CM HEEL before the congress! These shoes were perfect for the bootcamp and the performance. However, after 8 hours of training on the second day, my feet were in SERIOUS PAIN!  Breaking in new shoes during a 4-day bootcamp causes suffering!

Day 2: I wore socks with my shoes! Yes! thin black socks! Maybe its not the sexiest look, but it made of world of difference.  My feet hurt considerably less! The socks helped stretch the shoes, and they fit better when I wore nude fishnets for the sat night performance.

Some shoes advice from Yamulee’s Karel Flores: Always have a pair of tan shoes for performances! Colored shoes make your legs look shorter.

Day 5: Sunday Night! I bought a pair of Italian Horus shoes from the Hamburg-based dance store Demi-Point. These WELL MADE Italian shoes normally cost between  £105 – £120 in London, but in Berlin I bought a pair for €100!  Now that’s a deal! These shoes not only look FABULOUS, they fit like a glove! And even though I bought their highest heel, they were so comfortable! They are simply a very balanced shoe!!  Demi-Point had range of dance shoes, and all of the the Horus were 25% off! And they gave me alittle more discount because I bought 2 pairs and they were about to pack up!

So girls! When at a festival, make sure you know when the vendors intend to close shop! Do some last minute shopping, and be ready to make a deal! 😉

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