Picking a pair of dance shoes


Choosing a dance shoe can be a bit difficult –especially if it’s your first pair, or even your second pair!

The process does get easier… and the longer you dance the more shoes you will buy!If  you become a dance addict (and i hope you do!)  you will need  another pair of dance shoes sooner than you think! It depends on 1)how you treat your shoes and the quality of the shoes you buy in the first place!

Yes, sad to say, some dance shoes simply don’t last that long!

There are shoes for every budget. However I strongly recommend that you beware of buying from the internet, unless of course you know that the EXACT brand, style and heel height that feels right.

One time I re-ordered dance shoes just to have them arrive and fit differently! I guess they changed manufacturers. So there I was with TWO pairs of shoes that did not fit quite right. THE HASSLE!

So, find a dance shop, actually find 2 shops and go try on different shoes. And YES, buy the shoes from the shop!!! OR if you are lucky and know of a dance event (festival, congress, weekender, party) where there are shoe vendors, then before you dance the night away…  go shoe shopping! and bring CASH!

I always do a little dance shoe shopping when I see vendors. Even if i’m ‘not in the market’ for a new pair. It’s always good to check out their brands and styles.

Keep Dancing!


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