Do I Need Special Shoes for Dance Class?

Clear Heels

Pick the right shoe for the style of dance class!

So when people start attending dance class (like for the social club dances: salsa, bachata, ceroc, tango, etc…) , I ask them to wear shoes they MIGHT go out in. There is no need to go out and buy a pair of dance shoes IMMEDIATELY! Especially if you are trying out the classes to see if it’s your thing.

However…..  I know you will fall in love with ‘social dancing,’ so you will buy dance shoes eventually!  And remember everyone learns differently, so if it takes you to a little time to learn some things, fine! Don’t feel pressured! It might take a little practise, but i know you can do it.. And don’t give up! Maybe your current classes just don’t suite you!  Check out some other dance classes BEFORE you give up!  Try a different teacher, location, time, day, dance style….   there are so many factors involved in making a good class experience! For dance tips visit my other blog on…  anyway back to shoes!

Aldo Shoes!

Do you wanna dance in these bad boys all night?

Wear shoes you would go out on the town in. But NO PLATFORMS Ladies! Look, if you can’t walk quickly, easily go up stairs, or rush to the catch the tube (aka, the underground, the metro, the subway, PUBLIC TRANSPORT!)   then you won’t do well dancing in them! Period! Actually you will be so worried about your balance that it will affect your lead/follow and simply make the whole ‘dancing well with someone’ a bit harder.

Look, I have some great Aldo shoes, with a hidden plat, that I can dance very well in! But I don’t normally wear them salsa dancing. I wore them for the filming of ‘Cuban Fury’ but I wanted to make a statement. Besides, the dancing was in short bursts and with one partner.

So people! Be practical, wear shoes that you might go out in, that are comfortable, and well strapped in!

However, once you decide you wanna get good at the ‘social dance thing’ or ‘club style dancing’ ei, salsa, bachata, tango, ceroc….. dance shoes IMPROVE your dancing.

Just like strippers wear clear heels, ‘dancers’ wear dance shoes! There is always a shoe for the job! 😉

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