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Hello and welcome! So why a site about dance shoes, especially dance shoes for SOCIAL dancers? Because in my 20+ years of teaching (especially SALSA), there are questions that come up again and again:

Can you recommend a shoe? a style? a brand?  a heel height? a store? What do YOU wear? price? Ouch that much? Oh the best one: Do they really make a difference?

Not only have I asked this question, but my students have asked me this… time and time again!  So this site combines my love of dance, shopping for a good deal, and of course….wearing the RIGHT shoe.  Any girls desire right? Oh and we’ll give the boys some advice too! 😉 But they have it easy!!! Put them in heels and make them walk backward! (to paraphrase the lovely Ginger Rogers!)

I personally have danced through hundreds of shoes, and currently I own over 15 pairs dance shoes, and that isn’t including my dance boots. OF course I have my favorites ……

My shoes have come from everywhere! LA, London, Italy, Thailand,Russia, New York, Germany…  oh and of course CHINA.

I would love to hear from you! We all have different little footsies (and not so little) but I look forward to reading about YOUR PERFECT PAIR! And the not so perfect, so we can STAY AWAY!

And I know it is soooooo tempting to order shoes ONLINE! But buyer beware – many get burned! So do your research! Hopefully this site, as it grows with reviews and articles, will help you on your quest for THE PERFECT SHOE!  and maybe other little odds and ends needed for a fabulous night out dancing!  Where there’s a line of partners waiting for a chance to dance with us! Because of course we know, the right shoe can do wonders on the dance floor! 😉 We can dream, can’t we?  TA TA! KISSES!

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